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After many years obsessing about what I ate and how to “optimally” exercise, I wound up instead with a disordered relationship with both food and exercise. After around 10 years of ups and downs, seeing countless friends and family around me experiencing the same struggles and confusion, I realised there just had to be another way!

I'm so grateful that I found the Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size (HAES) community. In discovering this wonderful & supportive community, my eyes were finally open to the fact that the purpose of life is not to shrink ourselves. It's about living true to our values, living proudly, and understanding that our body size does not define our worth!

Too many of our years are spent engaging in extreme behaviours in the name of "health", when in reality, we are usually just chasing an image. I want to make waves and change the narrative - Women don't exist to be ogled and objectified! We have purpose and meaning that goes far deeper than the way we look.

Do you:

  • Feel completely confused and/or stressed around food?

  • Struggle with restrict and binge episodes?

  • Constantly worry about your health?

  • Feel guilt after eating?

  • Feel unhappy in your body?

  • Allow the number on the scale determine how you feel each day?

If so, I would love to support you on a new path. You’ve wasted too much precious time trying to change yourself. You deserve to spend that time doing things you really love.

What will you gain?

The intuitive eating framework will help you become attuned with your unique body. Diets have failed you over and over. You might lose weight, but when you regain the weight back (as 95% of people do!) you blame yourself.

But you didn’t fail! THE DIET FAILED YOU. So why not try something else? 

You can learn instead how to sustainably curate a life filled with energy, love, authenticity, self-respect and REALLY GOOD FOOD! Nutrition truly doesn't need all the fuss! You have permission to eat the foods that you love, and your body deserves love and respect regardless of how it looks.

I want to equip you with the tools that will allow you the freedom to feel relaxed and excited around food. You will understand how to work as one with your unique mind and body, by learning how to honour your hunger, fullness and satiety cues. You'll learn to cultivate compassion and respect so that you can finally make peace with your wonderful body.

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